We Bring You Good News

Dear Friend of Ihsan Assalamualaikum ! We bring you good news in these final days of Mercy. Our prospects of getting the help we need to continue the humanitarian aspects of our work this Ramadan were very limited due to a number of reasons, among which was the departure of our program manager. We were…

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Dear Friend of Ihsan, Assalamualaikum ! Of all the videos that I have watched on the mudslides in Sierra Leone, the one below has had the biggest impact on me. These people were traveling on what was probably a minibus when all of a sudden they found themselves trapped by a flow of water whose…

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The Sierra Leone Flood Disaster Immediate Help Needed

Residents of the Regent district of Freetown Sierra Leone woke up this Monday morning to the specter of a natural disaster that has not been witnessed in recent history. A mud slide has buried entire areas of the neighborhood. Torrential rain floods in the area and elsewhere have carried off many houses, destroying human lives…

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