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Community Development

Hafizat Fellowship Project

Women Helping Women

Women and children are often the worst victims of socio-economic inequalities and degrading social practices. Ihsan is committed to supporting efforts aimed at upholding the dignity of women and children.

It is in this light that Ihsan is supporting the Hafizat Fellowship of Sierra Leone, a grassroots initiative that seeks to promote a sense of dignity and a desire for women to be viable contributors to the wellbeing of society.

The hafizat were inspired by the vision and work of ihsan in sierra leone, and are Now dedicated to playing a meaningful role in the realization of ihsan’s dream of a Peaceful and prosperous West Africa. The hafizats’ main activities include volunteering, feeding the poor, attending classes, and organizing seminars and Fellowship retreats. Ihsan would like to support similar women’s initiatives in west Africa and the networking of women in the west african sub-region.

In 2011, the hafizat initiated the “skills training project.” they have started Sewing classes in order to become skilled breadwinners, as well as to produce beautiful items, which they intend to sell locally and internationally. The hafizat plan to establish chapters of the fellowship in all regions of Sierra Leone.