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Ihsan is committed to making healthcare accessible

Ihsan is committed to making health care accessible to as many West African communities as possible. Currently we have 2 health centers in Sierra Leone and offer other forms of medical assistance and care through partnership with other organizations like Miswak.

Current Health Programs

Al Fajr Clinic

The Ihsan Health Center

Miswak Foundation Partnership

Help us make healthcare accessible to those in need!

Al Fajr Clinic

For its first health care project and as a pilot program in 2002, Ihsan established the Alfajr Clinic in a rented facility in Freetown, Sierra Leone. Currently the clinic provides affordable healthcare for the public, trains nurses and other health workers, and runs a popular mobile clinic program, which brings health services to remote village communities, which have no other access to health care. In 2005, Ihsan initiated a project to build a new complex, the Ihsan Health Center (IHC).

The Ihsan Health Center

The Ihsan Health Center (IHC) will provide subsidized and sometimes free healthcare to the poor, while generating income by treating the affluent. The revenue, coming primarily from pharmaceutical sales, will be used to fund Ihsan’s other humanitarian projects, such as the Bilal Ibn Rabah Orphanage.

The Ihsan Health Center seeks to improve the health status of the community by reducing morbidity and mortality through:

  • Affordable and easy access to quality health care.
  • Training of nurses, primary care providers and midwives.
  • Initiation of public health awareness programs.

IHC will include the following units:

  • Outpatient facility
  • Male ward (50 beds)
  • Female ward (60 beds)
  • Nurses' room
  • Lab
  • Pharmacy
  • Waiting room
  • Surgery room

Miswak Foundation

In 2013 we partnered with Miswak Foundation to offer dental care to the people in Sierra Leone.