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Humanitarian Relief

Humanitarian crisis response

Although Ihsan primarily focuses on long-term projects in the fields of health, education and orphan care, it strives to respond when a humanitarian a crisis arises in the West African sub-region.

Help us provide humanitarian aid in times of crisis

Current & Previous Aid Projects

Ihsan’s first relief efforts were in the form of distributing relief items, including food and clothing to the victims of the war in Sierra Leone. In 2000, the amputee children received scholarships to study in local institutions. Ihsan also distributes used clothing and food items to the needy.

Ihsan has also provided relief to the victims of the drought in the Fouta region of the Republic of Guinea, in addition to multinational refugees and the general poor in the refugee camps and urban centers of Guinea.

The country of Ghana has also received aid from Ihsan for the benefit of the orphans and the needy.

Ihsan’s major relief initiative was made in 2005 and 2006 to address the dire humanitarian crisis that followed the 2005 drought and failed harvests in Niger. For more on this, please read the page on Ihsan’s expanding vision that features Niger.

Very few people have access to steady and or healthy supply of drinking water in West Africa. To complement its humanitarian program, Ihsan also establishes or rehabilitates wells that provide drinking water, as well as water for irrigation.