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The Sierra Leone Flood Disaster Immediate Help Needed

Residents of the Regent district of Freetown Sierra Leone woke up this Monday morning to the specter of a natural disaster that has not been witnessed in recent history. A mud slide has buried entire areas of the neighborhood. Torrential rain floods in the area and elsewhere have carried off many houses, destroying human lives and property. So far the BBC reports over 300 dead. The morgues are overwhelmed. Hundreds have been buried in the rubble, many of them children.

There is an immediate need to bring in more machinery to dig out some victims, and possibly save lives. There is also immediate need for medication, food, clothing and emergency shelter for survivors.

Some of the survivors are now crammed into makeshift shelters. Many others will probably spend this night outside in the rain and cold. Should there be an outbreak of cholera, or worse still, a resurgence of Ebola, the consequences would be very tragic.

Ihsan Sierra Leone is on the ground consoling the victims and providing immediate relief in terms of blankets and food.

Please make dua for the victims and send whatever help you can to save lives and provide immediate relief.

Please click the links below to see the extent of the challenge.

We immediately need $50000 to help survivors.

Please donate generously to

1. Provide emergency shelter and blankets for a family of 5: $200

2. Provide food for one month for a family of 5: $150

Also consider making a gift of the following items

1. A blanket: $20

2. A bag of rice for a family (25 kg): $25

3: A foam mattress: $60

4: A box of laundry soap for a family: $40

5. A bag of used clothing for a family: $100

6. Medical supplies for a family: $20

7. A food basket for one person per day: $5

May Allah reward you!

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